Vintage Record Player Giveaway!

Hi Y’all! I’m here to tell you that the mystery giveaway for today is a vintage record player! Cool right?! There is nothing like the sound of the needle on the vinyl.

What was your favorite record? What was your favorite song that you played over and over again? I had a Journey record that I loved!

Email us a selfie of you with the giveaway if you are a winner!

How do I enter? Just make sure you are following topsweeps prize on youtube and facebook, like the video, or however you would like to like the post (hug, love), and tell us what you love most about our page. It could be whatever you love about our community. Is it the community, or the giveaways? I want to know!

We will pick the winner from the comments!

We will be selecting the winner at 4pm EST!